The Meaning of Yes

Mai Chai: Not Yes

Sometimes when I’m thinking about what it means to say Yes, I take inspiration (Yespiration?) from other cultures and their approaches. So often, language can give us such great hints about the culture and the people – and often their approach to life.

I’ve been lucky to have spent quite a bit of time in Thailand, soaking in the natural beauty, but also learning about the culture and the way of life. Learning the language (a little bit!) has also given me the opportunity to have an incredible window into a way of thinking.

So… how does this relate to saying Yes? The Thai say Yes very well – Chai (ใช่). Perhaps more interestingly, the Thai have a way of saying no which still somewhat eludes me… Mai Chai (ไม่ใช่) or “Not Yes“. I think so often we say “No” when what we are really saying should be “Not Yes“…

Not Yes to that idea (but Yes to another one).

It’s not that we are saying no, it’s just that we might not be saying Yes, to that idea, at this point in time. Perhaps instead, we are saying Yes to something else, something more fulfilling, something more truthful to our self.



Saying Yes… it’s a scary concept. There are so many demands on our time, our energy, our selves that it’s hard to keep it all in check. Yet saying Yes is one of life’s greatest pleasures – to be able to give, to contribute, to engage. This blog is all about saying Yes. Exploring what… Continue reading Welcome