Types of Yes

The Enthusiastic Yes

I’m really starting to think about all the different kinds of Yes in my life… so I’ll start with the one I find the most easy to define…

the Enthusiastic Yes

You know those times… the opportunity presents itself, and there is no question in your mind what the right answer is. You say Yes without even really thinking about it. That’s the Enthusiastic Yes.

I got pretty lucky recently, when I was given the opportunity to develop a course in my area of passion. It’s a lot of work (and I’ve taken on so much already)… but it’s a dream opportunity. It’s the kind of thing you’d be crazy not to say Yes to… so I did.

But what was it about this opportunity (instead of others I’ve been offered) that made me say Yes so enthusiastically? I think there are a few criteria:

  1. The opportunity, or request, or ‘ask’ is related to something you are passionate about
  2. The benefit you will gain from saying Yes is worth any time or sacrifice you may put into it
  3. The opportunity contributes to your sense of self and well-being

Have you had any of these opportunities? What was it about them that made you enthusiastically say Yes?

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