Types of Yes

The Reframing Yes

We’ve all been there… someone asks you to do something, and you know the answer right away. No. No, no no no no no no. There’s no way I can do that.

Maybe it’s not as clear as that… you know the answer is no, but it’s a really hard answer to give.

Saying No isn’t fun. It’s hard. When you’re a busy person, or a person who has difficulty meeting your own needs in favour of everyone else’s, you’re often told that you need to learn to say No more often… but maybe that’s the wrong approach?

What if… we started saying Yes instead?

When I recently ended a long relationship, I often felt like I was saying No. It felt awful. I was surrounded by this cloud of negativity. Then I reframed. It wasn’t that I was saying No to the relationship. It was that i was saying Yes to my mental health, to my well-being. I was saying Yes to empowerment and being my best self.

I worried that meant I was being selfish… what if saying Yes to me meant I was saying No to everyone else. I was reminded by a good friend that providing space to be my best self meant that I could contribute to my world more effectively, and that a more balanced, happy self meant more opportunities for growth, engagement, and giving.

So let’s reframe …

Yes to our sense of self and our own needs. Yes to self-preservation instead of people-pleasing. Yes to personal wellness instead of angst and stress.

Yes to empower ourselves, instead of No.

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