Types of Yes

The Trusting Yes

I got an email last night asking me if I would like to take on an interesting project in the next year. I know all the players, I’ve worked with them before, and I respect their abilities and drive. The project is a good one: it’s a good career move, it’s intriguing, and I’ll learn something in the process.

But here’s the thing… I really don’t have a lot of time available, and I’ve got deadlines which must be met in the next year. Anything which could distract from this is, quite frankly, a risk.

And although I didn’t take a lot of time to think about it (I said Yes pretty quickly – it almost seemed like an Enthusiastic Yes), I said Yes for a very specific reason. I trust the asker. Completely. Since we’ve been working together, they have unfailingly acted in my best interests at all times. When there have been moments where I had too much on my plate, they were able to recognize and pull me back a little, help me find ways to make all those times I said Yes work for me. They prefaced the email with “… I know your next year is ‘full'” – acknowledgement that I’ve already said Yes a whole lot – but also giving me the confidence that they are aware of my needs and commitments.Trustworthy

This is where I have the opportunity to introduce a new kind of Yes… the Trusting Yes.

We often need to take risks to accomplish the life we want. Taking on this project is a risk, certainly, but the benefits of the opportunity outweigh the risk. More importantly, I trust the asker has evaluated the opportunity for me, and led me in the right direction.

So – I will jump in (with both feet!) and say Yes. Yes to opportunity, Yes to achieving the life I want, Yes to trusting someone who has proven to be trust-worthy.


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