Saying Yes to “Failure”

I’ve recently been thinking about the potential for ‘failure’ … and the risks we take that lead us there.

Failure quoteThe last five years have been an opportunity for me to engage in calculated risks over, and over, and over again. Some are big risks (life changing relationship decision kind of risks) and some are smaller (work on project A vs project B kind of risks). Each time an opportunity presents itself, it’s a chance to say Yes… which means risk taking, and ultimately, potential for failure.

Ultimately I’ve learned that saying Yes, even when the chance of failure exists, always leads to an opportunity for learning. I’ve said Yes to some things which didn’t go as planned, which some days felt like failures. Big failures… but from every one I learned incredibly valuable lessons, which have helped me grow as a person, and taught me about what was important in my life.

And now, because each time has led to more learning, my willingness to take risks and open myself up to potential failure has grown. It makes saying Yes easier than ever, because I have reframed risk of failure as opportunity for growth.

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